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Book An Event

We have many opportunities for the community to utilize our space for small gatherings, classes, outreach gatherings and author events! Use this form to request space for a possible event or gathering.

What kind of event do you wish to host?
This may be a book launch, signing, Q&A or talk/evening in
Curated Book Clubs, Genre Chat Time, Silent Reader's Group, anything book lover related
Crochet/Knitting Meetup, Writer's Group, Crafting Club and Maker Space
History, Arts & Culture Talks, Q&A, Information Sessions, Free Workshops
Scouts, Clubs, Art Meetups
Fee-based Class or Workshop, Private Ticketed Event with Public Access to Attend
Party, Work Session, Selective Class or Workshop
If none of the descriptions above match your event, please explain
Would this be a recurring event?
I understand Ghostlight Books is in no way obligated to host my event.